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AGED CARE FUNDING MAY 2021 BUDGET                                                                       xx/xx/2021

Dear Minister (Prime Minister/Senator)

I am a member of the grassroots movement Aged Care Reform Now. I became involved in this issue because (2 sentence summary of your story e.g. my father suffered mistreatment at x facility causing his death, I work in the sector, I receive a home care package etc).

I have followed the Royal Commission into Aged Care and the recent release of its recommendations. I expect the government will implement the recommendations of the Royal Commission without delay.

On the release of the report on 1st March the Prime Minister stated “Today, the Australian Government is continuing to drive reforms with additional funding of $452.2 million to address immediate priorities in the sector.” There is little information on where this money was allocated or what issues the Government has prioritized. The community has the expectation that these funds be allocated to direct care.

With the upcoming release of the May 2021 Budget these issues are even more critical. I urge the government not to commit to providing extra taxpayer funds to Aged Care providers without adequate checks and balances in place.

Funding must be tied to

– increasing the workforce- in both numbers and skill mix.

– greater financial transparency and disclosure of performance indicators.

– effective regulation and public access to regulators spot check reports.

– providing home care that meets individual’s needs. 

I am aware that many of these issues are currently restricted by the Aged Care Act of 1997 which protects providers.

Will you Minister prioritise Age Care Reform Now by

  1. Abolishing the current 1997 Aged Care Act that has failed older Australians and implementing a new Aged Care Act that focuses on the human rights of older people.
  2. Mandate Financial transparency and accountability before any more taxpayer money is provided.
  3. Ensure Effective regulation and oversight that is Independent is put in place immediately.

Thank you for your timely response to my concerns as I decide consider where to vote in the upcoming election.

Yours sincerely

Your name and address

“With us, not about us” AGED CARE REFORM NOW. (

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