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Re: AGED CARE FUNDING MAY 2021 BUDGET                                                                      


Dear Minster / Senator  Title &  NAME 

I am a very concerned member of the community who expects that my government will take the appropriate and immediate actions recommended by the Aged Care Royal Commission.

My personal experience of the sector is (Enter a short summary (2 sentences of your story e.g. my father suffered mistreatment at x facility causing his death, I work in the sector, I receive a home care package etc).

The Government has stated that its response to the Aged Care Royal Commission will be made as part of the upcoming Federal Budget in May 2021. Therefore, I assume that the response will be focused on funding and not the reform that is needed and was recommended by the Commissioners.

I have serious concerns about how the Government intends to inject more money into Aged Care.

(Prime) Minister I am looking for your assurance that the government will not give more taxpayer money to aged care providers without fundamental reform of the system.

I believe that the Aged Care sector does need more funding, however that funding needs to come with an increased level of transparency and accountability. Any reform must include how taxpayer’s dollars are to be spent with specific goals and outcomes stipulated clearly and publicly accountable.

There needs to be better, more effective oversight and regulation so that all older Australian’s care needs are prioritised over profit for a few.

The measure of this nation is how it treats its most vulnerable and how we right the wrongs of the misguided Aged Care Act of 1997. Our older generation deserves respectful, quality and safe care services.

Minister will you prioritise the Aged Care Reform required now by:

  1. Abolishing the current 1997 Aged Care Act that has failed older Australians and implementing a new Aged Care Act that focuses on the human rights of older people.
  2. Mandate financial transparency and accountability before any more taxpayer money is provided.
  3. Ensure that effective regulation that is Independent is put in place immediately.

If you aren’t prioritising aged care reform this way, could you please explain how you are responding to the Aged Care Royal Commission?

Thank you for your timely response as I consider who to vote for in the upcoming election.

Yours sincerely    


“With us, not about us”   AGED CARE REFORM NOW.   (

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