Help and advice with complaints

Outlining the complaints process across the aged care system

We’ve detailed all of the options available to you if you need to make an aged care complaint or share feedback.

As a volunteer advocacy group Aged Care Reform Now is not set up to provide support or advice. There are many conversations in our community about this topic and the experiences people have with providers and the wider system. You are welcome to join our private Facebook community to share any questions with the group.

Lodging a complaint with your service provider

The first option is to give your feedback directly to senior staff of your service provider if you feel safe to do so. This helps to build collaborative and healthy relationships.

All providers will have a complaints policy that outlines how they will manage your complaint.

Government agencies where you can lodge a complaint

There are a range of government agencies that you contact to lodge a complaint. Information for who to contact in different scenarios is listed below.

Aged Care Justice – A Legal Support Service

Aged Care Justice can provide legal support if you have an issue with aged care services and would like to explore your rights and options.

About Aged Care Justice

Aged Care Justice Inc is a registered charity supporting Australians living in residential aged care or receiving home care, by providing access to legal services, educational material on aged care rights and lobbying for sector reform. 

The Founder of Aged Care Justice is Dr Bryan Keon-Cohen AM KC and our Patron is the Honourable Tony Pagone AM KC, a former Federal Court Judge and Chair of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. The organisation was formed in 2020 by senior legal and clinical professionals who wanted to ensure all Australians receive quality aged care services, are treated with dignity and respect, and have an avenue to justice.

What happens when you contact Aged Care Justice

When a person contacts Aged Care Justice, their issue is listened to. People are connected with a legal firm selected for their interest and expertise in supporting aged care issues, who will provide:

  • a free legal consultation; 
  • the most efficient and economical way to proceed after the initial consultation, including pro bono for those who qualify.

Some of the types of issues Aged Care Justice can assist with include:

  • Malpractice, i.e. mistreatment, unlawful use of restrictive practices 
  • Negligence 
  • Wrongful death 
  • Guardianship and Powers of Attorney 
  • Contract issues, i.e. overcharging of fees
  • Restrictions on visitation 

Contact Aged Care Justice today:

Call: 03 9016 3248
Get Help Form:

Help report understaffing with Aged Care Watch

Aged Care Watch allows aged care workers, residents, and family members to report and visually represent the thousands of understaffing and workload issues in aged care facilities across Australia.

It is an initiative of The United Workers Union aimed to raise community awareness to put real pressure on decision-makers to fund more care-time.

Note, this is not an official complaints service.

Add your report at

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