The verdict is in – everyday Australians and politicians believe the time for meaningful change in aged care is now! 

The results of the “13 questions – where do you stand on aged care” survey (13 questions) have been finalised and show that there is significant support for aged care reform in the key areas of quality care, workforce, transparency, and accountability

Launched by ACRN to raise awareness of the issues in aged care with both politicians and everyday Australians on the one-year anniversary of the release of the Aged Care Royal Commission’s final report into Aged Care Quality and Safety, the 13 questions survey results also showed that many people were not across the key issues older Australians and their support network face. To help people better understand the issues, and most importantly, possible solutions, the final report contains the major points ACRN is advocating for in its “A way forward” section. 

Starting out as a list of questions the group would send to politicians prior to meeting, the questions grew into a wider campaign as the group realised the need for wider education – particularly with potential new politicians who might be entering Parliament.

The questions were devised by the ACRN Organising Committee with input provided by the wider membership via feedback in its Facebook group and email responses to its newsletter – so a huge thanks to all who contributed. 

The final report contains all of the responses of everyday Australians as well as people who were standing for election in May. The report also provides a snapshot of where the various political parties stood on the important issues raised.  

These 13 questions form the basis of the ACRN policy platform but is not an exhaustive list of the issues in aged care. ACRN will continue to advocate for reform in these areas as well as those that are needed to ensure quality care for older Australians.

Read the full report.

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