Thank you for our year of action

THANK YOU to all members of Aged Care Reform Now who have contributed to our efforts to reform Australia’s Aged Care System in 2022.

To all the committee members who have spent countless hours brainstorming, researching, reading, drafting letters, articles, and submissions, and taking part in countless webinars, discussions, rallies, and meetings and to those who burned the midnight oil critiquing submissions and articles when deadlines were tight. … We thank you.

Thanks to those who read and contributed to our Facebook sites and our website around busy lives and careers. Thanks to those who lent their professional and personal expertise to educate and inform us. Thanks to the elected representatives who vote on the floor of Federal Parliament and Senate.

And, our heartfelt thanks to all who shared stories with friends and family of their aged care journeys and their interactions with an often complex system.

Together we achieved a lot:

In any volunteer organisation success depends on keeping on through good times and difficult times and on the collective talents and determination which provide the small and large pieces of our brains trust.

Thank you for your wit, wisdom, and above all the firm friendships forged for a common cause.

We will enjoy a short festive season break.

We look forward to a successful year of campaigning in 2023.

Image credit: Daniel Andrade on Unsplash

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