Sarah Holland-Batt responds to the funding recommendation of the Aged Care Taskforce

Aged Care Reform Now patron and aged care advocate Sarah Holland-Batt was featured in the Guardian with an opinion piece responding to the recommendations of the Aged Care task force.

In it Holland-Batt questions why the The Royal Commission’s Recommendation for a Medicare-like levy to fund guaranteed care for all Australian has been rejected by the taskforce in favour of means tested and user-pays contributions.

The taskforce has recommended phasing out the Refundable Accommodation Deposits (RADs) and replacing them with a rental model where residents make increased, non-refundable living cost contributions.

Holland-Batt makes the point that while the taskforce claims their funding model is more sustainable their report lacks costings and lacks any detail of the government’s response to it.

The taskforce advocates a user-pays approach in part to avoid an unfair burden on younger Australians. Holland-Batt acknowledges the validity of this position while reminding readers that the recommendations also undermine the social contract of collective responsibility for care that underpins Medicare.

The Royal Commission’s levy idea ensures all Australians are invested in the aged care system and can hold the government accountable for providing quality care.

As ever, these ideas reinforce how vital financial transparency is to the Aged Care system regardless of who pays.

To read the full opinion piece visit the Guardian: A Medicare-style levy would guarantee all Australians the right to aged care when we need it.

See Aged Care Reform Now members response to the Aged Care task force in this media release statement.

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