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Name Kate Chaney
Party Independent
Overall stance Supports aged care reform
Q1. Do you support home care that prioritises each individual's need for support? Yes
Q2. Do you support a minimum amount of care per day to be provided in residential care, based on individual care needs? Yes
Comment I support the Commission's recommendations to implement a minimum staff time standard for approved providers which includes a minimum amount of time to be provided by a registered nurse and for the minimum standards to be linked to the needs of the individuals within each facility.
Q3. Do you support sufficiently funded and accessible Allied Health Services for older people who receive aged care services, both in the home and in residential care? Yes
Q4. Do you support capping of administration fees for home care providers so more funds are available for direct support? (they are currently between 8% and 35%) Yes
Q5. Do you support the provision of a variety of fresh, nutritious, appetising and appropriate meals in line with the meal choices of aged care residents? Yes
Q6. Do you support keeping the existing Aged Care Assessment process, the existing Regional Assessment Service (RAS) and Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACAT/ACAS) in public hands? Other
Comment We need to urgently streamline and simplify these assessment processes. Whether those processes should be privatised is a complex issue. I can see merit in permitting the private sector to take a role in the provision of these services provided that there are sufficient safeguards in place to ensure independence and transparency.
Q7. Do you support registration of all aged care workers in both residential and in home care settings? Yes
Comment I support the Commission's recommendation to establish a national registration scheme which requires workers to meet minimum qualifications and industry standards. The needs of those in aged care are complex and multidimensional, the Government can play an important role in funding teaching programs in partnership with aged care and tertiary education providers. These systematic changes will improve the capacity of the aged care workforce to deliver high quality needs based care.
Q8. Do you support a national minimum standard of training for all care staff in both residential and home care? Yes
Q9. Do you support at least one Registered Nurse (RN) on duty at all times in an aged care facility? Yes
Q10. Do you support financial transparency of how taxpayer funds are being used in both residential and home care? Yes
Comment The Australian Government is the main funder of aged care and the funding requirements are increasing. I am committed to supporting systems which embody the objectives of transparency and accountability; which are foundational to establishing good governance and building integrity.
Q11. Do you support public reporting of complaints including how they are managed and resolved, and public disclosure on whether the provider is meeting or failing quality standards? Yes
Q12. Do you support new Aged Care legislation that prioritises the human rights of older people and mandates quality? Yes
Comment the implementation of new aged care legislation is the critical first step to drive reform and should be a priority for the Federal Government.
Q13. Do you support the mandatory reporting of serious incidents within a timely manner in both residential and home care? Yes
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