Petition opposes superannuation use for aged care, calls for stronger act

A petition is circulating that strongly opposes government proposals for aged care reform. The petition emphasises that older Australians deserve high-quality care as a human right after a lifetime of working and paying taxes. The petitioner, physiotherapist and aged care advocate Alwyn Blayse and supporters have two core concerns:

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  • Use of Superannuation for Aged Care
    The petition rejects the idea that Australians should use their retirement savings to fund aged care. They see this as a “tax in disguise” and object to what they believe is a two-tiered system where the poor receive minimal care, and the wealthy may not even get necessary services.
  • Weak Human Rights Protections in the New Aged Care Act
    The petition finds the proposed Aged Care Act insufficient. It claims the focus is on benefiting providers, not protecting older Australians.

Petitions want:

  • Stronger guarantees for quality care that taxpayers fund
  • More independent oversight and transparency into how money is used, including how much goes to profit and administration versus direct care
  • Stiffer penalties for those who violate residents’ rights

The petition calls on the Australian Senate to:

  1. Amend the Aged Care Act to prioritise the human rights of seniors, including a right to quality care.
  2. Reject proposals forcing people to spend their retirement funds on aged care.

Alwyn Blayse is an Aged Care Reform Now collaborator and community member.

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