NDIS and HCP discriminate creating a two-tier society in the aged care sector

We invited members of our community to share their experiences and perspectives of aged care services. Disclaimer: These stories have not been independently verified. They do not necessarily represent the opinion of Aged Care Reform Now and are shared for information purposes only.

1: I managed to get my friend, new and more suitable accommodation in housing along with an NDIS [National Disability Insurance Scheme] package. He was quickly rorted and permitted to be rorted and left unchecked or accountable for about 8 months. He now has nothing left in his package. No physio, or hydrotherapy. He is now being cared for by myself as a carer. I already care full-time for my husband who is advanced end-stage palliative, because the system is both flawed and has failed him.

2: I care full-time for my husband on a HCP [Home Care Package]. We constantly hear from the hospital, and community nursing the words “double-dipping”. Currently my husband is being discriminated against in the system and not entitled to the same care as others in the community, causing him to be more disabled than he needed to be due to the neglect. This is causing me severe PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder] as a result of the system’s abuse.

NDIS and HCP discriminate on the basis of creating a two-tier society in the aged care sector. One person may receive $90-150k from NDIS. The HCP recipient will only receive $20-52k max for the same or similar conditions and needs when separated by only a few months in age.

3: We ensure doctors completing their qualifications complete rural appointments. Why not ensure some of the doctors also complete home care visits? Right now those who opt to receive care at home, who have growing care needs, may have little or NO home doctor visits. This burdens the community, forces us to call an ambulance to get our loved ones seen in a hospital or patient to transfer to a GP.

The question begs, why does the government want to spend and waste money this way?

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