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Thank you to this community who have raised their voices to the call for urgent reform, better regulation, and transparency in the aged care system. While our team has continued to contribute to the public debate, we are most proud that our members have also shared their experiences and perspectives with media outlets.

Anna Willis on Sky News AM Agenda with
Anna Willis being interviews on Sky News AM Agenda after the release of the Royal Commission report.
  1. 24 years, 18 inquiries: can we face the truth of aged care? March 1, 2021, The Age / Sydney Morning Herald
  2. Aged Care Royal Commission’s final report to be made public today March 1, 2021 ABC News Radio
  3. Aged care advocate laments government failure to act immediately on RC recommendations March 1, 2021, PM with Linda Mottram, ABC
    The Aged Care Reform Now movement has been formed to put pressure on the government to ACT on the recommendations. This interview advocates that there are many recommendations that the government does not need to “digest”. They could simply act on them. Now.
  4. New ‘people-powered’ movement unveiled. March 01, 2021. Aged Care Guide.
  5. Royal Commission finds “unacceptably high levels of substandard care” March 2, 2021, Overnight with Michael McLaren, 2GB Radio
    The need for reform is explained– “there had been almost 20 inquiries into the aged care sector over the past two decades but, despite some fantastic recommendations, there had been little change.”
  6. Royal Commission finds “unacceptably high levels of substandard care”. March 2, 2021. 4BC News Talk
  7. Decisions about aged care reform need to include older Australians. March 2, 2021, Sky News, Aged Care Reform Now’s Anna Willis says changes to the nation’s aged care system needs to take into consideration the feedback of older Australians and people directly involved with the system.
  8. Aged care complaints are ‘buried’ instead of used to ‘reform the system’. March 2, 2021, Sky News AM Agenda, “Instead of using complaints as a way to reform our system and change our system, we bury them”. Ms Willis told Sky News the main issues that could be dealt with immediately were to do with staffing, governance and accountability.
  9. Aged care complaints are ‘buried’ instead of used to ‘reform the system’ March 2, 2021, The problems in Australia’s aged care system highlighted in the Royal Commission’s final report have been evident to authorities for some time and are “endemic” within the system, according to Aged Care Reform Now’s Anna Willis.
  10. Aged care complaints are ‘buried’ instead of used to ‘reform the system’ March 2, 2021, Daily Telegraph
  11. Glib response to Aged Care Royal Commission portends another failed roadmap. Mar 03, 2021, Michael West
  12. Findings of Aged Care RC were no ‘surprise’ to those who interacted with the system March 5, 2021, Community member Raelene Ellis on Sky News
    “We need to remember that people that are traversing the aged care system are doing so in a situation of crisis …”
  13. Aged care giants extort government for funding hike, threaten campaign in marginal seats March 9, 2021, Michael West
  14. What good aged care looks like after the royal commission, March 11, 2021, Australian Financial Review
  15. Aged Care Royal Commission – what is it and what do I need to know? March 14, 2021, Carer’s Circle

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