Join Maggie Beer in conversation with Leigh Sales about her Big Mission

The ABC’s new series, Maggie Beer’s Big Mission, is about to put a national spotlight on how to improve the quality of life for older Australians in aged care residences and help empower and support those who care for them.

In the new series produced by Artemis Media, Australian food icon, Maggie Beer, leads an ambitious, world-first social experiment, to transform the food and dining experience in an aged care home, restoring health and joy to the residents and carers.

Join ABC Commissioning Editor Julie Hanna, to find out more about the new series and accompanying impact campaign.

This will be followed by a conversation hosted by ABC Australian Story anchor Leigh Sales with Maggie Beer and experts from the series.

The session will be held on Tuesday 11 June, 4.30pm AEST on Microsoft Teams.

A recording of the session will be made available to those who register.

Follow this link to register:

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