February news watch

It’s been over two years and the final report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety was published on February 26. More money in the system is not the whole answer, nor the only answer.

  1. The royal commission report should give the Australian government a plan to fix aged care. Will they act on it, February 25, 2021, The Guardian
  2. Royal commission proves we need a new Aged Care Act, February 23, 2021, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald
  3. Newsradio Mornings, interview with Glen Bartholomew February 26, 2021, ABC News Radio (audio of interview)
  4. 24 years, 18 inquiries: can we face the truth of aged care? February 26, 2021, The Age (and SMH)
  5. The movement that gives older Australians a voice in aged care reform, February 28, 2021, The Age (and SMH)

Stay tuned for more.

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