Designing a new approach to regulating Aged Care

As part of our continued advocacy Aged Care Reform Now prepared a submission in response to part 2 of the Health Department’s consultation process on designing a new regulatory framework.

ACRN does not believe the framework proposed in “A new model for regulation Aged Care Consultation Paper No.1”, will ‘shift the dial’ and result in significant improvements to the aged care sector needed to keep older Australians safe.

ACRN believes a new aged care regulatory framework should: 

  1. Support the implementation of human-rights based legislation
  2. Compel providers and aged care staff to act lawfully and deliver the services they are contracted to deliver through prescribed penalties
  3. Encompass a rigorous complaints system and outline the standards and expectations for complaints resolution in the aged care sector
  4. Include mechanisms for sharing of medical and other information with families and across agencies
  5. Outline roles and responsibilities for the regulator, providers, government agencies, health care practitioners and aged care staff to protect consumers
  6. Provide information and standards regarding investigations
  7. Provide standards for information and data collection, reporting and transparency within the aged care system, including appropriate public reporting on breaches, complaints and performance
  8. Provide standards for accreditation and re-accreditation

You can read this paper, and other submissions and reports here:

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