Call for Nominations: Join the 2023 Aged Care Council of Elders

Illustration of 8 older people representing the Council of Elders, an advisory group to the Government of=n Aged Care reforms

Nominations are open for the 2023 Aged Care Council of Elders

The Australian Government established the Aged Care Council of Elders (COE) as an advisory group for aged care reforms.

Current members’ terms will expire in December 2023. Consequently, the Government is seeking nominations from individuals aged 60 and above who have firsthand experience and knowledge of the aged care system.

The Council of Elders is an opportunity to be directly informed in the reform process and represent older people. You will need a strong passion for improving aged care for everyone and be actively engaged in your local community. People from rural, remote, and diverse communities are encouraged to apply.

How the Council Works

The Aged Care Council of Elders acts as a voice for older Australians, sharing their real-life experiences with the Australian Government. The Minister for Health and Aged Care appoints council members to directly represent older Australians and share their valuable insights.

The Council is made up of a Chair and 13 members who represent the diverse characteristics, life experiences, and viewpoints of older people. They provide advice to the Ministers responsible for aged care and senior officials in the Australian Department of Health and Aged Care. The Council’s advice focuses on addressing important concerns related to aged care reforms.

Council of Elders meetings are conducted via Webex (video conferencing) and in Canberra, requiring travel there. Travel expenses are covered and there is an allowance for meetings.

Members are expected to review relevant materials in advance. You can find detailed information about the requirements and responsibilities of Council members in the terms of reference.

The COE has afforded me many opportunities to voice the thoughts and experiences of community members from rural areas. There has been excellent secretariat support. The other members always have robust discussion in a respectful way and are accepting of diversity and differing values.

Gwen Da, Council of Elders Member

To Apply

Applications are open to private individuals only. Applications from interest groups or organizations (including Aged Care Reform Now) will not be considered.

The deadline for applications is Friday, 28 July (AEST), at the end of the business day.

For information and instructions on how to apply, visit:

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