April news watch

The Aged Care Reform Now community is keeping the urgency of reform in the news this April – with stories that sadly reveal the gap in expectations between the community, providers, and government.

  1. Watch: Regional aged care homes closing at an alarming rate. 13 April 2021. ABC 7:30 Report
    Read: Regional aged care homes are closing at an alarming rate, leaving elderly Australians facing uncertain futures
  2. Husband walks in on wife being allegedly sexually assaulted at Sydney aged care home. 11 April 2021. The Guardian.
  3. End neo-liberal experiment: gutting of bureaucracy led to vaccine and aged care failures. 11 April. Michael West.
  4. Australia’s Covid vaccine rollout in aged care labelled a ‘shemozzle’. 2 April 2021. The Guardian
Home page of The Guardian Australia website, 11 April, 2021
Home page of Michael West website, 11 April, 2021, with aged care editorial

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