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When permanent residential care becomes institutionalised detention because its all about who pays

Apr 25, 2023

This is the “pointy end” where interaction with community ends for many … not only for people living with dementia but for many people living with disability. This is where people risk losing their…

Medication mistakes in aged care are made all the time. It’s how quickly they are picked up that is important. 

Apr 20, 2023

The closer it gets to the anniversary, the more I reflect upon the reasons why I felt the need to join others in the Reform process. Dads decline was primarily brought about by the…

I know that my mum is in very good hands

Nov 26, 2022

I know there are lots of negative stories about Aged Care Facilities. I’m going to share my positive experience… Medically, we had to place our 91-year-old mother in an Aged Care Facility in August…

I have ability as well as disability and want both aspects of me to be taken into account

Mar 27, 2021

Because I have a cognitive disability, as well as being old, I have even greater difficulty negotiating the In-Home Care package. Because I have ADHD, my mind is always racing, and I find it…

Finding the right In-Home Care package service provider is like searching for that elusive needle in the haystack

Mar 27, 2021

Finding the right In-Home Care package service provider is like searching for that elusive needle in the haystack. One that is going to treat you as a person, be located in your local area,…

Antipsychotic medication administered for sepsis Warning: distressing content

Mar 13, 2021

My grandmother died on 21 December from sepsis. Nan was so unwell and our family tried and tried to get her help. The only help she received was antipsychotic medication to try and calm…

When the doctor did visit, he wrote in the chart but never entered the room

Mar 13, 2021

I would like to share my dad’s story. He was 85 years old and 22 years post heart transplant. He had issues with uncontrolled pain and as a family, we were still trying to…

The nurses at the home said mum only had COVID-19 mildly

Mar 9, 2021

My mum went into age care with compromised health due to a medical mistake. We were told it’s a great place. There were always problems. She started to get assaulted by staff, then incredible…

Hearing mum was ok after a fall when she had displaced rib and vertebrae fractures

Mar 8, 2021

Mum was intelligent, absolutely coherent and smart, totally independent to the age of 97+. Unfortunately following several falls which resulted in numerous fractures over a period of time, we felt an aged care facility…

Bad business practices need to be exposed

Mar 6, 2021

Following a few falls at home (falling off the bed), we agreed that my mother was no longer able to look after my frail 88-year-old dad. He entered a large private aged care facility,…

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