Where do you stand on aged care? Join us in holding politicians to account

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You’ve heard about it for some time, but now we’re finally ready to launch our 13 questions - where do you stand on aged care? campaign. 

With your help, we’ve come up with 13 questions that you’ve nominated as the most important issues facing aged care – quality of care, a well-trained and remunerated workforce, transparency and accountability. So thank you!

With this survey and the email tool on our website, we are asking everyday Australians where they stand on aged care and to help make their local politicians accountable in the lead up to the Federal election.

How you can help

  1. Ask politicians to fill out the survey

We’re asking you to go on to our website https://agedcarereformnow.com.au/13questions/ and use the online form. It will easily send an email to the candidates standing for election in your local electorate asking them to fill out the survey. 

Once you enter your details, the system will find the sitting member of parliament and the candidates in your electorate. It will then generate an email and send it directly to them. All you have to do is press the “Email your future MP” button. No need for you to send an email from your personal email account or look up the politician's details. We’ve tried to make it as streamlined as possible. 

  1. Share the survey details via email or on social media to encourage others

Once you’ve emailed the politicians, you will be asked if you want to share the campaign. Follow the prompts to do that - or just copy and paste the link https://agedcarereformnow.com.au/13questions/ into emails and social posts to encourage others to do the same. 


  1. Complete the survey yourself

In addition to asking politicians where they stand on aged care, we’re also asking everyday Australians where they stand too. This is so we can send a powerful message to politicians to show how important aged care is to us all - now and in the future. 

The survey can be accessed here - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/13questionsagedcare. Please note you can choose to make your responses public. Your contact details will not be published.  


  1. Check in to see where your politicians stand on aged care

We will be publishing politicians’ responses on our website so you can see if your future local representative has answered and how. https://agedcarereformnow.com.au/ 


We hope you will join us in our first major campaign to hold politicians to account.


As we are all about transparency, we would like to acknowledge the support of United Workers in providing the technology platform for the email campaign. The actual survey responses are being hosted in Aged Care Reform Now Survey monkey account.

Rallying for aged care reform

Liz Barton and Cecilia Webster participating in the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation rally held March 1 in Albert St, Warragul, Victoria.

Liz Barton and Cecilia Webster participated in the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation rally held March 1 in Albert St, Warragul, Victoria.

Community rallies on the one-year anniversary of the Aged Care Royal Commission  

On Tuesday 1 March 2022, the one-year anniversary of the release of the aged care royal commission’s final report, ANMF (Vic Branch) members and staff held rallies outside the offices of Federal Member for Chisholm Gladys Liu and Federal Member for Monash Russell Broadbent to call out the Morrison Government’s failure to fix aged care. 

ACRN Members attended both the Victorian rallies in solidarity with Aged Care Nurses and Care Workers who are fighting for Real Reforms and are asking the Federal Government to write to the Fair Work Commission in support of the Aged Care Improved Conditions and Pay claims that are before them.

The rallies were part of a national day of action that also included protests outside the Devonport office of aged care minister, Richard Colbeck, who infamously attended an Ashes test match for three days in January instead of a Parliamentary Inquiry into the COVID outbreak sweeping through Australia’s aged care facilities.

The day of action also included an online forum involving members of the workforce and a panel of advocates and experts, discussing what is required to ensure a quality aged care system.

Commenting on the day of action, ANMF Federal Secretary Annie Butler said:

"Our nurses and carers are telling us they’re disgusted that Mr Morrison and his Government have done nothing to fix aged care. A year since the royal commission delivered its final report, with one of its key recommendations for staffing ratios, nothing’s changed. There’s still not enough staff to give residents the basic care they need."

"We want to make this an election issue" Ms Fitzpatrick (Victorian State Secretary) told the Warragul crowd. "We have an opportunity to make sure that fixing aged care is a priority – whether it be Morrison government or an Albanese government. We want the political parties to take us seriously in relation to aged care."

The disrespect and indifference demonstrated by the politicians on the day was astounding. Addressing the crowd and media outside his office, Mr. Broadbent dismissed workers’ concerns about pay by saying "there’s always an opportunity to go to the Fair Work Commission and put your case." Asked if the Federal Government would address the Royal Commission’s recommendations, he said "we’re addressing every one of the recommendations, but I want to make sure that there’s no unintended consequences. I think it has to be done carefully" he added before being drowned out by the booing crowd.

Mr. Broadbent also dismissed an aged care worker’s experiences by suggesting she was "about to make accusations", and refused to engage because the worker didn’t want to reveal her employer, and he then walked off.

Addressing the Burwood crowd, Mr. Hilakari noted that Gladys Liu was in her office when they arrived but as soon as "local residents turned up to join us’" she got in her car and drove away.


WHAT CAN YOU DO? Tell your MP to prioritise aged care this election. The louder our voices, the less they can ignore us. See if your federal MP is supporting aged care reform this election and send them a message to thank them or encourage them to make aged care a priority. It’s not too much to ask!

Collaborators update

The demise of allied health care for aged care 

Another aged care related campaign you might be interested in is being run by one of our collaborators – AAC Health Group. Its campaign is focused on ensuring nursing home residents will continue to receive professional physiotherapy and allied health services after October 2022. Residents currently receiving physiotherapy and allied health service are helped to manage their pain, prevent falls, continue to be mobile, and maintain or improve their quality of life.


However, the new Australian National Aged Care Classification (AN-ACC) scheduled to be introduced in October 2022 will see nursing home residents potentially missing out on physiotherapy and allied health services, which are vital for their care and families may have to pay for these services themselves.

CEO of AAC Allied Health Group Alwyn Blayse, said:

“the lack of allied health in nursing homes may affect the entire health system, with Nursing Home residents prone to more falls, pressure injuries, as well as an increase of pain medication and associated side effects. ... This may lead to more (previously) preventable hospital admissions causing more stress and cost to the resident, families, nurses and nursing homes and our hospital system, as well as taxpayers." 

You can help by signing a petition to the Senate on change.org 



For more information about the issue, go to www.alliedagedcare.com.au/doac

Upcoming consultations

The Department of Health is continuing its reform agenda under the Five Pillars of Aged Care Reform. It’s vital that we stay engaged and take up any opportunities we can to have our say via the Engagement Hub, so please join in when you can - we will be. 


The following website gives you an idea of just some of the work that is currently being worked on. https://agedcareengagement.health.gov.au/upcoming/ 

Feedback welcome

As always we welcome your feedback and ideas in both the Facebook group and over email at info@agedcarereformnow.com.au. You can also see more on our website  https://agedcarereformnow.com.au/



Until next time, yours in action, 


The Aged Care Reform Now team

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