Lack of action on aged care reform is no April Fool’s joke

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It’s been a little over a month since the official launch of Aged Care Reform Now. We’re excited that you have joined us. We have been busy gathering momentum with our media activity and building the organisation.


Our message has struck a chord. Aged Care Reform Now and its members have been featured in The Age, The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald, on ABC Radio, Sky News, 2GB Radio,, Australian Financial Review, and more.


It’s also been exactly one month since the release of the Aged Care Royal Commission’s final report but there has been a lack of visible action and political will from our politicians to reform aged care. 


Barbara Smith, a 91-year-old member of Aged Care Reform Now, is like many of us disappointed by the apparent lack of action and would like some key recommendations adopted sooner rather than later, saying: 


“The Royal Commission was very thorough, and it will take time for some recommendations to be adopted, but why can’t some simple, reasonable measures be taken now? Why do we have to wait until July 2024 to have at least one registered nurse on site at all times?*  What work is being done to ensure meals in residential care are healthy and attractive?** If there is work being done, we are not hearing about it,” 


We need to make our voices heard and our stories count.


People ask us what can they personally do to help bring about aged care reform. One very powerful way is to let our politicians know that aged care is important to the people that vote for them. We are running a number of mail blitzes where we are asking our supporters, friends and family to write to certain politicians to ask for change. The first mail blitz launched today and runs from 1 April to 9 April. We are targeting letters to 

  1. Prime Minister Scott Morrison
  2. Senator Richard Colbeck
  3. Greg Hunt MP
  4. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg
  5. Finance Minister and Senator Simon Birmingham


We have more information and letter templates to start you writing. Go to


Yours in action,


The Aged Care Reform Now team

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