15% pay rise awarded to Aged Care workers

At last! Breaking news this evening.

In a lengthy decision published late on Friday, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) said an interim increase of 15 per cent was “plainly justified”, with the decision establishing the “existing minimum rates do not properly compensate employees for the value” of their hard work.

Aged care workers to get 15 per cent pay rise after Fair Work Commission ruling, James Glenday, Claudia, Long ABC News

This 15% is a good, necessary, and overdue start but well short of the 25% Unions were advocating for to not only pay fairly for work but to avoid the 100,000 shortfall of workers expected in 5 years.

The pay rise is for nurses, Assistants in Nursing (AINs), personal care workers and home care workers. As yet no decision has been made on lifestyle or support workers.

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