Strength in numbers

There have been 18 aged care inquiries over the last 24 years. So why hasn’t anything changed? Politicians only prioritise the issues they think people care about.
We need to make our voices heard and our stories count.

Aged care needs reform now

Aged Care Reform Now is a grassroots group driven by older people and families who have personal experiences with aged care. We receive no government funding.

Older people deserve access to high quality aged care services – both at home and in residential care. The current system is broken – we want it fixed. Now.

We want to see fundamental reform of the aged care system. Our aim is to highlight failures in the system and to offer solutions. 

Our Mission

Our vision is a collaborative, transparent and effectively regulated aged care system that is focused on the human rights and quality of life of older people as their needs change.

We aim to achieve meaningful and sustainable improvements in the aged care system through respectful dialogue with key stakeholders. We look forward to working with stakeholders who share our values and our vision for reform.

Aged Care Reform Now advocates for:

  • A new Aged Care Act that focuses on the human rights of older people
  • Effective regulation
  • Financial transparency
  • Increased staffing levels and skill mix
  • Disclosure of performance indicators
  • Public access of regulator’s spot-check reports
  • Public reporting of complaints including how they were managed and resolved
  • Mandatory reporting of elder abuse
  • Home care that prioritises each individual’s need for support
  • Working with older people and families when designing aged care services

Governments have repeatedly ignored key recommendations from inquiries and reviews. The federal government must act on the findings of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. The government should not give more money to aged care providers without fundamental reform of the system. Without financial transparency, the public has no way of knowing how providers spend billions of dollars of government subsidies. 

Aged Care is a social justice and human rights issue. We will need all the help we can muster to make aged care a national priority.

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